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Tanit tratamiento despigmentante

Tanit depigmenting special sun protection


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Tanit Plus Tratamiento Antimanchas

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Tanit Plus

Tanit Plus progressively reduces skin hyperpigmentations until they disappear completely in possible cases. It contains kojic acid, a recognised depigmenting agent which, together with natural bearberry extract, achieves a synergistic and powerful effect, capable of the most effective depigmentation. Apply only on blemishes and massage until absorbed.


Tanit Moisturising Sunscreen

Tanit Moisturising Sunscreen is a special protective cream for the prevention of dark spots on the skin. It limits and attenuates skin hyperpigmentation associated with sun exposure thanks to its high SPF 50 broad spectrum protection index. For daily use, it moisturises the skin and provides softness and comfort throughout the day.

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