Herbensurina 40 sobres

Herbensurina 40 sachets


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Herbensurina 40 sachets

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For the prevention and treatment of kidney stones and grit.

Herbensurin® is a complete formula that helps keep kidneys clean. Effective for its formulation based on the plant "stone breaker" supplemented with diuretic plants.

Herniary, known as "stone breaker".
Horsetail, elderberry and grass of the boticas, medicinal plants with diuretic and remineralizing action. They facilitate the elimination of fluid and act as a renal cleanser.

It is recommended to take 2 to 4 infusions a day. In summer, once prepared, the infusion can be cooled in the fridge.

Although the preparation already supposes an extra contribution of liquid, it is necessary to drink water during the whole day

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