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Arkogrip 30 comprimidos

Arkogrip 30 tablets

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Arkogrip 30 tablets

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Arkogrip  Tablets are recommended as soon as your chest starts to feel congested, your throat feels sore and you experience other signs of discomfort associated with winter.

Guaranteed non-drowsy, Arkogrip offers you a formula based on 6 plant extracts, Vitamin C and minerals. 

Building on their expertise in the field of phytotherapy, Arkopharma Laboratories have specially put together Arkogrip  Tablets: a formula based on plant extracts, Vitamin C and minerals that have been rigorously selected by the Group’s experts.

  • White horehound, Pelargonium and Eleutherococcus help you breathe more easily.
  • Eleutherococcus acts more specifically on the upper airways, such as the nose and throat.  Eleutherococcus also has energy-boosting properties to help enhance your physical and mental performance.
  • Vitamin C helps reduce tiredness.
  • Andrographis, Echinacea, Copper and Selenium contribute to the correct functioning of your immune system.

Arkogrip  also contains Cinchona and thyme essential oil.

Dietary supplement.
Only for adults and children aged 12 and above.

  • Take 3 tablets per day, 1 tablet morning, midday and evening, at mealtimes with a large glass of water.

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